Bad belaying techniques explained

In climbing and mountaineering, proper use of belay devices is the cornerstone of the belay chain. The belayer holds the life of his partner in his hands. This task requires as much attention as it does training. The climber’s confidence in his belayer has a major effect on his performance. It is important to remember that a good climber should also be a good belayer.

To help you get there, we suggest you explore this concept over a few short films. Two videos will show you how to use a standardized series of movements for the appropriate use of Petzl belay devices such as the REVERSO (vimeo.com/80477504) and the GRIGRI (vimeo.com/80481246).

But first, meet “the worst belayer in the world” in this video… Any climber may encounter such behavior. Though it may not always be as exaggerated.

And even though we can laugh at him, we can also ask ourselves:
- Am I not maybe just as bad sometimes?
- If it were me at the other end of the rope, would I be laughing as loud?

Bad belaying

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  1. Nigel B Dec 11, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    i have been at the receiving end of this type of behaviour with a broken Calcaneus bone as a result and 6 months off climbing. Friggin asshole!

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