Blow – New Zealand’s biggest BASE jump

Its big, beautiful, and bad-ass. ‘Blow’ is the biggest base jump in New Zealand… a 1,700 metre descent.

The jump starts from a 160 metre high cliff, which leads to a steep talus and 3 kilometres of grassy slopes, waterfalls, and an easy landing. Its a classic.

We made the first jump on 9 January 2014.  The weather was not perfect, and Rudy and I had to wait 2 hours for a snow storm on top to pass, WTF!  We walked/climbed through fresh snow but there was no ice and we didn’t have too much difficulties getting to the exit.  Because of the delay, we jumped in strongly thermic conditions.

Thanks to Paul van Rensburg for scoping the exit with me last year, Rodolphe Cassan for traveling all the way from France to jump here, and Squirrel for our wingsuits!

Jump safely friends. The start is positive… 6m out at -35m down; 20 at -110; 36 at -160. And the wind can blow!

Blow base jump

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