Hikers rescued in Hout Bay

The NSRI Hout Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew assisted the WC Government Health EMS in the rescue of three hikers stranded on the Karbonkelberg hiking trail between Hout Bay and Sandy Bay.

The three hikers, from Meyerton Gauteng, Kobus Brits, 36, his girlfriend Cornelia Janse van Rensburg, 38, his brother Morne Brits, 33, started the hike at 13h00 from the Hout Bay side with no water, food or warm clothing.  They misjudged the difficulty of the hike and were unprepared for the changing conditions and tide.

The hikers reported that they reached the first gully during the incoming tide and successfully negotiated that section, however the high tide at the second gully trapped them and they decided to walk up the mountain until they could go no further.  It was then that they called for help.

The Skymed helicopter hoisted an EMS rescue paramedic down to their position on a ledge 90 meters above sea level, and in sorties, hoisted the hikers to safety.

Family members were waiting for them at the Sea Rescue station and all the hikers required no further assistance.

Full report at NSRI website

3 Responses to Hikers rescued in Hout Bay

  1. Paul Jan 10, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

    Got to love it when the Vaalie’s come down to Cape Town and break every rule in the hiking manual ? No food, water, warm clothes ? what Cocks !? Glad they are safe, but they’re still cocks !

  2. Andrew May 21, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    Actually I’m sure there was a route back as a friend and I walked the coastal route but turned back not far from Sandy Bay (disappointing but tides were an issue and safety first). Anyway upon reaching a small gulley I missioned up it and saw a trail that I followed all the way up to the edge of the mountain – an uppermost contour path which started there (to the left the cliffs are just too steep to support one). We followed it back and it led to and connected with a path leading over to the harbour community. This coastal route is not for the fant of heart. In many places one wrong move – trip, slip etc – and you can fall to your death with ease.

    • Andrew May 21, 2014 at 12:05 pm #

      Or maybe they were just too early into the hike when, not even reaching this path over to the community area on the other side… I remember some scrambling etc quite early into the hike. This hike in its entirety is a long one – I’d estimate Hout Bay to Sandy Bay around 5 hours or so at a good pace!

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