MCSA Rock Climbing Sub-Committee CT Section March 2014 Newsletter

Hi Climbing Community,

Please see the below latest news that the MCSA Rock Climbing Committee is working on and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, information or offers to assist us with any of the below items.

Bouldering EMP
The MCSA Rock Sub Committee has finally made positive contact with SANP and the Bouldering EMP is moving along to finalise the last few site visits and complete the impact assessments on our bouldering areas. Volunteers to assist the committee with completing site visits with SANP would be appreciated.
A reminder to keep the permit letter on you at all times. The letter can be found here.

ARF and Rebolting
The next rebolting meet took place at Kalk Bay crags this Saturday 29thMarch. Sadly only 6 climbers rocked up to assist. This is extremely sad as far more than 6 climbers climb at Kalk Bay Crags. We hope more climbers will get involved in the next ARF Meet.

The Rock Climbing Committee is in the process of updating the bolting application form and procedures across the Peninsula and for the Cederberg. This application and bolting policy will be distributed amongst the climbing community once finalized as well as be available from the MCSA.

Boschkloof Crag
The landowners have communicated to us that they are happy with the suggested online permit system and would like to manage it themselves. As soon as more information has been confirmed, we will notify the climbing community. We kindly ask that all climbers continue to respect the no-go zone at this crag.

Black Shadow Access
This boulder has been closed permanently to climbing following the rock art found on the boulder and the report made by the South African Natural Heritage Council that this boulder be declared a historical site. All climbers are forbidden to climb on the Black Shadow boulder.

CapeNature Fees: Following the meeting Cape Nature had with its management, we have been informed of the following permit fees available from the Kliphuis Campsite and through CapeNature’s website:
• R60/day per person
• R270/week per person
• R160/week per person (for Wildcard Holders)

Cape Nature is still working on a unified permit system and costing for all of Rocklands but it is doubtful that this will take affect this year.

In the meantime, permits from de Pakhuys and Traveller’s Rest remain the same.

Tea Garden: The landowner has still refused to re-open the rest of Tea Garden to boulderers.  The MCSA Rock Sub-Committee are in the process of negotiating a new access option and will notify the climbing community should anything be decided.

Climber Conservation Day: the MCSA Rock Sub-Committee and Cape Nature will be holding a Climber Conservation Day at the end of May at the Kliphuis Campsite. More details to follow within the coming weeks.

Montagu Mayhem 2014
If you haven’t already done so, book the dates for 12th and 13th April and register online asap! You can find more information on the Facebook Page:
Please contact for more information and to register.

Lower Silvermine Path
A meeting was held with SANP on the maintenance of the Lower Silvermine Path. Warren will be submitting a formal proposal to the MCSA Gen Com before the end of April and a meet will be scheduled shortly thereafter. Get your chainsaws ready!

Newest Member of the MCSA Rock Climbing Sub-Committee
We would like to welcome Nick Telford as an official member of the Rock-Climbing Sub-Committee. With his recent cum laude in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology , Nick is fast becoming a vital part of our committee and we are extremely grateful to have him on board. Nick is heading up the Bouldering EMP and is instrumental in a number of the Rocklands issues.

Local Organising Committees
Please see below the Local Organising Committees of the Rock Climbing Committee.

i. ARF
o Cormac Tooze
o Cuan Lohrentz
o Warren Gans
o Andy Davies
o Douw Steyn

ii. Rocklands
o Delaney Carpenter
o Andy Davies
o Nick Telford
o Brittany Bunce

iii. Bouldering EMP
o Nick Telford
o Brittany Bunce
o Niel Mostert

iv. Montagu Mayhem
o Delaney Carpenter
o Cormac Tooze
o Cuan Lohrentz
o Warren Gans

The next Rock Sub-Committee Newsletter will be coming out in May2014.

All queries regarding the above to be sent to

If anyone has any information or requests that you feel the Rock Climbing Committee should be aware of, please email

The MCSA Cape Town Section Rock Climbing Sub Committee Members:
Delaney Carpenter (Chairperson)
Andy Davies (Vice Chairperson)
Douw Steyn
Niel Mostert
Cormac Tooze
Warren Gans
Brittany Bunce
Cuan Lohrentz
Nick Telford

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