New Boulders in Australia with Dave Graham

It’s no surprise to me that ancient Aboriginals who first inhabited the Grampians, believed the surreal landscapes and animated structures of sandstone were designed by a creator named Bunjil in a “dream-state”.  I have searched the planet for the last sixteen years in hopes of discovering the type of stone and setting which can only be conjured through intense imagination, or extremely vivid dreaming.

In 2011, I discovered it.

Otherworldly is an understatement, and the whole place reminds me of Pangea.  There is something incredibly hard to digest about the whole scene; it’s a regular sensation to wonder if everything you experience out in the bush is actually happening, or if you are about to wake up in your bed on the other side of the planet… desperately trying to remember what just happened… if that electric blue sandstone with spider web quartz and lightning bolt-like rails were actually real… if the sun really looked like it was setting into an ocean of fire…and if the birds you heard actually exist.

New Boulders in Australia with Dave Graham


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