Rok Klancnik Does Third Ascent of Bügeleisen (V14/15)

Slovenian climber Rok Klancnik has done the third ascent of Klem Loskot’s ‘Bügeleisen’ in Malatal, Austria.  Klem sent the problem back in 2001 and assigned a grade of 8B+ (V14).  The problem remained unrepeated until last April, Nalle Hukkataival made the 2nd ascent, claiming that the problem was “one of the BEST hard boulders in the world.”

Klancnik has now done the third ascent and suggested a personal grade of V15 saying that the problem was “much, much harder” than any other V14 he has done.  Klancnik is not a stranger to V15, having sent Dave Graham’s testpiece From Dirt Grows the Flowers, in Chironico, Switzerland. There is a talk of Klancnik adding a sit-start to Bügeleisen!


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