South African Highline Meeting

South African Highline Meeting | 15 – 25 May 2014 | De Pakhuys, Rocklands

Highliners from SA and abroad are invited to attend the first South African Highline Meeting which will be hosted at De Pakhuys in Rocklands from 15-25 May 2014

The event aims at bringing highliners together to share their experiences in an idyllic environment.

South Africa Highline Meeting 2014, Rocklands

My friends and I have had the idea of a SA Highline meeting for some time now, but finding a location has been difficult. You need accessible cliffs with anchoring possibilities for several lines, permissions to rig and leave the lines up, place to sleep, water etc…  So when we discovered the potential in Rocklands, right next to the De Pakhuys campsite, we knew we had found what we were looking for!
We went on a highline trip a little over a year ago and then again in January this year, until finally we decided on a date for the event. Huge thanks go to Thys from De Pakhuys for hosting the event there 🙂

Waking up and going highlining is quite a luxury as usually you have to hike up a mountain with all the gear, rig the lines during several hours, highline for a while and then de-rig and walk down again, all in a day. Having several different highlines available to try during 10 days and at only a few minutes walk from your tent makes it an amazing opportunity for any highliners who want to spend more time on the line, push their limits and walk longer highlines. Also for slackliners who would like to try highlining for the first time.
Lines will range from 18-70m long.
Shorter slacklines will be up at camp, climbing and bouldering (of course!), off-road unicycles, juggling, yoga/acroyoga/slackyoga, hiking, swimming and a bunch more activities to entertain participants and visitors.

South Africa Highline Meeting 2014, Rocklands South Africa Highline Meeting 2014, Rocklands

The main area of activity will be at the De Pakhuys campsite, in close proximity to the highlines, so please book through Thys for camping and accommodation. (Participants will get 30% off camping and 20% off chalets during the festival, but please book in advance)
Alpha Excelsior also have discounted camping, but please check availability with Becky as they are almost fully booked.

South Africa Highline Meeting 2014, RocklandsMap Link:

To Bring:
Camping stuff – Tent, sleeping bag, mattress…
Food for the duration of your stay, closest shops are in Clanwilliam (26km away).
Climbing gear
Boulder pads
Swimming stuff (Waterlining!)
Any other fun stuff, beach bats, juggling balls, poi’s etc…
Musical instruments welcome!!!

Here are two short articles with photos from our trip in January, written by a local Cederberg journalist:

More info on the event can be found on the Facebook event page:
or contact me via email:

Look forward to seeing you all there 🙂

2 Responses to South African Highline Meeting

  1. PlaasJaap Apr 10, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

    The date seems to be a problem as this is in the middel of any students Mid Term exams, this is a great idea the date is the only part that is setting me off it.

  2. Sylvain Apr 23, 2014 at 5:22 pm #

    Hi PlaasJaap,
    Ja, good point! The date is tricky to get right. It’s difficult to please everyone and several things had to be taken into consideration… Hosting the event before the high season to limit overcrowding at the campsite, climbing and highlining conditions, being able to waterline/swim without needing a wetsuit!!
    So compromise has to be made and May was the best time for these factors. I’ll definitely check the students exam dates for next year and see if we can work out a more suitable time for them. Another possibility would be closer to the end of climbing season so around September/October before the heat hits.
    We’ll see how things go this year and chat with the highliners about next year.
    On a side note, the event is over 2 weekends to give more people the possibility to attend, so maybe some students will be able to take a short breather from exams and have a weekend away highlining 😉

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