Adam Ondra second 36/9a Onsight!

After a second confirmed 36/9a onsight, Adam Ondra continued on to send two 36’s (9a’s) and one 37 (9a+) in Spain.

First on Ondra’s hit-list was Psikoterapia – a 36/9a established by Patxi Usobiaga in 2004 at Valdegovía.
Adam attempted to onsight the route (see video below) but fell on the route’s upper crux.

Adam then returned to Baltzola (the site of his latest 36/9a onsight) and spent two days working on the third ascent of Ini Ameriketan 37/9a+.
He then went back and sent a project that was bolted by Usobiaga.  Adam sent the route and named it Ira, grading it 9a/36.

Full report on:  Rock and Ice


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