Best Action Camera Review 2014 – Ultimate POV Camera Shootout

Action cameras aren’t merely changing the production world, they have become a staple of the production world.  Getting the inside shot is simple with POV cameras and the number of choices in this niche world is broad and perhaps daunting.  Action cameras are inexpensive and provide a simple means of additional camera angles to any production.

In this review, I’m going to tackle all of the “name-brand” cameras available out there.  This article will not provide the answer to “which camera should I buy?”  The range of criteria is so broad that the question is beyond the scope of a single review.  This review will provide information about which action-camera is best suited for specific criteria and provide information that may help you make informed purchasing decisions.

I’ve gathered what I believe to be the most viable options for most “extreme” sport enthusiasts for shooting broadcast-quality video.

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Action camera reviews

Action Camera Review

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