Disadvantaged Kids Climbing Day







Western Cape Climbing is organising an event with the MCSA and CityROCK Climbing Gym for Sunday 18th May for children from Monde Walks (mondewalks.com) and hopefully two orphanages from the Western Cape (Holy Cross Orphanage and Marsh Memorial Home).  The basic itinerary involves teaching the kids how to do basic rock-climbing and learn about environmental conservation, as well as engage in a number of other games.  The purpose of the event is to extend climbing to those kids who won’t normally come into contact with the sport and, for those who show avid interest in continuing the sport, to provide them with free coaching, donated climbing equipment and the chance to make climbing their chosen sport.


The event venue will either by Higgovale Quarry or City Rock Climbing Gym (weather dependent).

We look forward to seeing more people from the climbing community there to assist us.


Please email info@westerncapeclimbing.co.za should you wish to invite more kids or organisations to join us or just to assist.


Disadvantaged Kids Climbing Day




Organised by Western Cape Climbing and supported by City Rock Climbing Gym, Mountain Club of South Africa Cape Town Section Outreach and Rock Climbing Sub Committees and Shoprite



On a sunny and mild Sunday at Higgovale Quarry, members from Western Cape Climbing (WCC), City Rock Climbing Gym and the Mountain Club of South Africa Cape Town Section (MCSA-CT) held a climbing day for disadvantaged kids from the Mfoleni and Khayelitsha Townships.


The day started out with some roped climbing on the walls of the quarry and amazingly, none of the twenty-five kids seemed to be perturbed by height. There was some amazing gung-ho kids and all of them showed immense enthusiasm. City Rock’s personnel were phenomenal with the belaying and MCSA Outreach guys were there to assist along with some other MCSA members.


Following the roped climbing, the kids enjoyed some games held by City Rock and then went on to have an amazing Yoga session with Alta Lourette van der Merwe (Lorna Jane Ambassador and City Rock Yoga Instructor).


Shoprite’s Soup Truck arrived in time to give the kids a well-deserved lunch break. We were very fortunate to have Shoprite come on board for this event and the soup and bread went down very well with the kids.


While more of the kids wanted to go up the quarry walls again on the ropes, some others tried a bit of abseiling with Western Cape Climbing kids and then went on to do some bouldering with the help of City Rock and Western Cape Climbing climbers.


It was a great day out and Western Cape Climbing is very eager to continue coaching these kids with climbing with the financial assistance of the MCSA and the City Rock Climbing Gym Facilities. Western Cape Climbing will be working closely with the MCSA and City Rock to ensure these kids get to enjoy climbing and the great outdoors indefinitely.


Western Cape Climbing would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the event:


  • City Rock Climbing Gym and its personnel Tarryn, Tamryn, Jean-Luc, Ryan, James and Candice
  • Mountain Club of South Africa and its members Camilla Adelle, Neels Havenga, Farrell Davids, Yunus Davids
  • Western Cape Climbing members Warren Gans, Chris Naude, David Naude, Jake Amaler and Harold Amaler
  • Shoprite Mobile Soup Truck
  • The kids of Monde Walks and Hlonipisiswe Empowerment Group as well as Monde Sitole and Nothemba Mbambani

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  1. Warren Gans May 12, 2014 at 4:33 pm #

    Higgovale and City Rock are the most accessible “crags” in Cape Town. This represents an idea time for you to contribute to the climbing community, and who knows, maybe you will enjoy the experience.

    Lets see a better showing from the climbing community than the 2014 Waterworld rebuild, or Kalk bay rebolt.

    • john blackwell Jun 4, 2017 at 3:24 am #

      I would like to get involved thankyou

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