Anchor Replacement Fund Progress 2014 + Next Meet

Anchor Replacement Fund LogoThere is an Anchor Replacement Fund (ARF) meet planned at Kalk Bay crags next weekend.  Turnout of the last few meets has been rather pathetic so would be nice if we could get more than 7 people to turn up for a change 🙂

This is a nice crag and this should be the last time we visit it for ARF as we’re planning to finish it up.
Please check out the Facebook page for details – https://www.facebook.com/events/1487968011420015/

Date: Saturday the 28th of June
Time:  09:00
Meeting point:  Godfrey Road (or at the crag if you arrive late) – See details below
What to bring:  Your usual climbing gear/stuff for the day + if you have:  Jumar(s), static line, size 17 spanner, rag (for cleaning glue), cordless drill, cordless angle grinder.

The reason for replacing bolts is obvious – the more hands = less work and completed faster

How to get there

Note the old path recommended in ‘Western Cape Rock’ has grown over.  Two other paths have become well trodden by hikers, please use these instead to minimize erosion and damage to plant life.

East side: At the end of Boyes Drive is a cul-de-sac (Godfrey Rd.). Park here and follow the hiking trail up toward the saddle. Near the saddle, after the second switchback where the path goes briefly down hill, look for a path sneaking off left up a short hill towards a large boulder. From the boulder follow the path up the final slope to arrive just east of Neptune’s cove.

West side: From Main rd turn into Clovelly avenue then take the right fork up Mountain road. Park at the top of the rise, the path leads up from a concrete driveway. Climb the paved path to just below the saddle then turn right onto an obvious well-trodden path 10metres before the saddle. Follow this between two boulders, past a cave, then just above a mini-gulley take a not so obvious turn-off left towards what looks like two boulders, aiming between them. The left “boulder” turns out to be Mermaid wall.

Kalk Bay Crag Map

Below is the updated list of work completed by ARF as of the 18th of June 2014

CragRoute# Anchors# Lower-offs
Blaze of GloryBad Medicine62
Blaze of GloryBlaze of Glory52
Blaze of GloryBy the Right30
Blaze of GloryDead Wing Starling72
Blaze of GloryDrop Zone72
Blaze of GloryHairless Mexican52
Blaze of GloryPromise of Light72
Blaze of GloryTerminal Velocity62
Blaze of GloryWake-up Call62
Fawlty TowersSchpponz72
Fawlty TowersToreador of Torqay52
Fawlty TowersWaldorf Salad62
Fawlty TowersBravest Orangutan in Britain62
Fawlty TowersLord Melbury62
HiggovaleEasy Victory52
HiggovaleFW Who?62
HiggovaleNebulous Pathway72
HiggovaleStompie Direct52
HiggovaleAnother Nefarious Crack72
HoleCape Fear91
HoleFleur d’Afrique20
HoleFleur de Mer92
HoleGuns & Buckets81
HoleLink-up: Mystique & Zwik30
HoleMystique Voyer40
HolePoisson Flambe81
HoleRoute 6690
HoleTears for Fears70
HoleTwat Vier41
Kalk BayGolden Eye62
KleinmondPorn Star42
KleinmondNow you see me72
KleinmondWhere you Bin Laden42
KleinmondBeers are us40
KleinmondThe Vanishing42
KleinmondKlubvoet Kitty52
KleinmondBangkok Betty52
KleinmondLady Boys60
KleinmondSpits or Swallows52
KleinmondFifth Element62
LakesideGoofy’s Gaf42
LakesideMickey Moose40
LakesideDonalds Crack42
LakesideSpotty Dog42
LakesidePuddy Twat40
LakesideWho Knows62
Lions Head SandstoneAquanaut 1st and 2nd pitch04
Lions Head SandstoneRainbow Crag02
Lower SilvermineMy Precious62
Lower SilvermineSean 2360
Lower SilvermineJedediah82
MineKool sans the gang80
MineAll Mine80
MineChocolate Mousse51
MineGift of Wings102
MineGrand Illusion32
MineHappy Hooker62
MineJimmy and the Big Boys62
MineRed Guitar on Fire81
MineShut-up and climb40
MineSickle Moon71
MineSwan Lake80
MinePaas Haasie40
MineBin Ha (Scott’s 23)70
MineFelching is fun60
MineAll that Glitters is Gold22
MineYour Mother’s Cat10
Oudtshoorn Main WallCalm Before the Storm02
Oudtshoorn Main WallFin Fang Fly12
Oudtshoorn Main WallPhallic Mechanic32
Peers CaveAcht Plus32
Peers CaveAfrica Anything30
Peers CaveCango Stories32
Peers CaveCaptain Haddock10
Peers CaveFearless Streaker72
Peers CaveHey Dude30
Peers CaveHickory Dickory Cock32
Peers CaveLiving Daylights23
Peers CaveOpal Moon52
Peers CavePowder Burn10
Peers CavePuppet on a String32
Peers CaveSunrise in your Eyes60
Peers CaveSunset Strip62
Peers CaveTalking to the Trees42
Peers CaveThink or Sink42
Peers CaveThundering Typhoons10
Peers CaveVisions of Cosmic Bloom42
Peers CaveVisions of Past Fantasies02
Peers CaveWards Walkup32
Peers CaveWhite Fire62
RocklandsOrange Plasma12
RocklandsRevival of the Fittest42
Silvermine Main CragArgent82
Silvermine Main CragArgentum32
Silvermine Main CragCool Hand Luke102
Silvermine Main CragJono Gordon’s Route90
Silvermine Main CragMercury72
Silvermine Main CragNo Man’s Land112
Silvermine Main CragJosie Get Your Gun110
Silvermine Main CragPistolero102
Silvermine Main CragSilver Streak112
Silvermine Main CragSterling Silver80
Skoorsteens KopStairway to Heaven82
Skoorsteens KopShinning Way92
Skoorsteens KopGuru50
Skoorsteens KopBreaking Point50
Skoorsteens KopV51
Skoorsteens KopCereal Killer62
Skoorsteens KopKids Day Out62
Skoorsteens KopLichen or Not42
Skoorsteens KopRapture81
Skoorsteens KopIn God Country82
TruitjieskraalCodgers Ego Boost10
TruitjieskraalHunks in the Ceiling02
TruitjieskraalNice Enough20
TruitjieskraalSchlot Machine40
Elsies PeakEternal Rust32
Elsies PeakWild Kingdom02
Elsies PeakTeardrop Explosion02
Elsies PeakDream Street Rose02
Table MountainAfrica Crag Abseil60
Table MountainAtlantic Crag Abseil60
Table MountainMagnetic Wall Abseil40
Table MountainStaircase Abseil40
Table MountainBombay Duck40
Oudtshoorn Main WallSeven132
Lower SilvermineRough Rider62
Lower SilvermineSerendipity62
Lower SilvermineAlpha & Omega60
Lower SilvermineFlakes02
Lower SilvermineThe Gift52
Fawlty TowersBoff42
Fawlty TowersPoff42
Fawlty TowersGermans02
Fawlty TowersNot Yet Major60
HiggovaleCast Your Vote22
HoleAfrique de Freak10
HoleLe Nuage Neuf101
Kalk BaySongs From the Wood32
Kalk BayCat Fish Rising42
Kalk BayOyster02
Kalk BaySinbad02
Kalk BayJack in the Green42
Kalk BayMermaid32
KleinmondSpeed Ball52
KleinmondPalm Oil02
KleinmondUnless first a Scream42
KleinmondCoffee Break72
KleinmondLo Spigilo30
KleinmondRicky rocket72
KleinmondWings of Glory52
KleinmondPalmiet Arete40
Lions Head GraniteDe Bruin Damage20
Lions Head GraniteScaryCrack10
Lions Head GraniteJono Fischer Project82
Lions Head GraniteReturn of the Edi80
Lions Head GraniteHeart of Darkness02
Lions Head GraniteHugenout Wall02
Lions Head GraniteCave Overhang12
Lions Head GraniteTea Trolley Crack22
Lower SilvermineFools Garden72
Lower SilvermineObideah82
Lower SilvermineVlad the Impaler72
Lower SilvermineHard as it Gets72
Lower SilvermineBetween the Lines72
Lower SilvermineWet Dreams92

Anchor Replacement Fund

9 Responses to Anchor Replacement Fund Progress 2014 + Next Meet

  1. Warren Gans Jun 20, 2014 at 10:16 am #

    Not a 17 spanner?

  2. Cuan Jun 20, 2014 at 10:18 am #

    Yep, apologies, a 17 would work much better 🙂

  3. Greg Hart Jun 26, 2014 at 8:43 am #

    Its raining guys, we may need to take a rain check due to the rock being damp

  4. Cuan Jun 26, 2014 at 8:51 am #

    So long as no more rain until Sat it’ll be fine. The quartzite is not porous enough that it’ll be wet more than like 5mm in 😀

  5. Greg Hart Jun 26, 2014 at 6:03 pm #

    We don’t wet it at all Cuan

  6. Greg Hart Jun 26, 2014 at 6:03 pm #

    …want it…

  7. Cuan Jun 27, 2014 at 8:04 am #

    Check with Cormes but he reckons it’s a go as the epoxy is not moisture sensitive 🙂

  8. Greg Hart Jun 29, 2014 at 12:15 pm #

    Good meet guys! I have some gear that is not mine please get in touch if you are missing kit

  9. Justin Lawson Jul 1, 2014 at 10:47 am #

    Kalk Bay ARF Meet Report 2014


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