4th Rumble – Results


This was the call that meant “clear the decks!” as someone was about to attempt the 20 move yellow traverse.

I guess that’s what comes from the creative genius of 3 tired route setters who worked till 1 in the morning, ensuring they made some fun and challenging routes.

Mikey on the yellow traverse

Mikey on the yellow traverse


The 4th Rumble of 2014 was the best to date.  Yeah yeah, we say that every time.  But they truly do improve with every comp.  This round saw the gym filled with a record number of competitors, testing out the routes which had a funky mix of styles.  Especially the yellow traverse, that was comprised of all the route setters’ styles in one monstrously long route spanning half the gym.

Joel Ferguson had the crowd cheering as the first competitor to slay the yellow route, grunting his way through the final crimpy holds to latch the finishing jug victoriously.  This performance was followed by a few close imitations but many found the final few moves too pumpy (that is, if they managed to muscle into the move bridging the gap between the 30◦ wall and the wave).

Faye also had her chance to make the crowd gasp as she punched her way up the blue problem on the wave, grabbing hold of the pinch that had eluded others, only to come off on the final jug (she sent it with ease on a later attempt).

Whether your flavour was technical crimpy routes, mantels, long and powerful moves or heel hooking your way to glory, you were sure to find what you were looking for.

Chris conquering the corner

Chris conquering the corner


Scott “leopard print” Sinclair arrived fashionably late and made short work of all the problems as usual.  The young-uns were hot on his heels but they have yet to topple his reign.

The corner problems had many competitors giggling as they squirmed and kicked and palmed their way through the tricksy mantels and desperately tried to gain composure before the last few face moves.

Justin Steyn figuring out the moves before the mantel

Justin Steyn figuring out the moves before the mantel


For me this Rumble captured the essence of these comps more than any of its predecessors.  Sure, these comps are always friendly and fun but somehow, this Rumble expressed it better.  Everywhere I looked there were smiles and friends helping each other out with beta and encouragement, competing not against each other, but rather wanting to see the problem conquered.

Many thanks to all who attended and were a part of this great event.  And many thanks to our route setters: Michael van der Ham, Gabriel Attwood and Nicholyn Potgieter.  Love your work.

See you all at the 2nd Birthday Event on the 7th August.

Category Name Rank TO BH
U15 Chris Wallace 1 6 3
Trenton ‘o Brien 2 5 2
Faran Steenkamp 3 5 1
U17 Dale Rosser 1 14 1
Antony Berry 2 11 2
Charles Young 3 8
Gabin 4 2 1
U19 Jordan Pillai 1 14
Tanner Mundell 2 11 3
Justin Steyn 3 9 2
Daniel Basel 4 9 2
Bradley Ford 5 6 3
Novice Andrew Dewar 1 11 2
Evan Bruateseth 2 9
Josh McMinn 3 8
Fen Steenkamp 4 6 3
Expert Scott Sinclair 1 15
Stefan Lutge 2 14 1
Roland Fuchs 3 13 2
Trent Burnett 4 13 1
Joel Ferguson 5 12 2
Dave Drummond 6 12 1
Chris Bahlmann 7 11 3
Matthew Gibbon 8 11 2
Luc Lagesse 9 11
Jason Coetzee 10 10 2
Dylan Williams 11 7


Category Name Rank TO BH
U15 Kayla Myburgh 1 8
Kirsten Rosser 2 7 1
U17 Annabelle Slabbert 1 8 3
Nadene van Rensburg 2 7 2
U19 Kerry-Anne Stackpoole 1 6 3
Novice Megan Saunders 1 6 3
Kim Westbrook
Expert Faye Scott 1 11
Jasmin Pillai 2 9 1
Carmen Naicker 3 6 3
Brigitte Laurent 4 6 2
Leslee Salzmann 5 5 1

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