Rumble 4

Rumble competition

Dave on the Wave. Pic by Gabriel Attwood

 Half way through the year already and the 4th Rumble is on it’s way.  The next Rumble will take place on 24th July.

The categories will be: U15 (male and female)

U17 (male and female)

U19 (male and female)

Open Novice (male and female)

Open Expert (male and female)

Entrance is R60 for adult members and R70 for adult non-members.  Scholars entry fee is R45.

Due to the popularity of these comps there will be two time slots – U15, U17 and U19s will start at 4pm, and the Open category will start at 6pm.  You will have 2 hours to throw yourselves at 15 top quality problems.  Scores from each Rumble are accumulative and will be updated each comp.  Your final standing will be calculated based on your 4 best comps out of the total 6.

The emphasis is on fun and good vibe while still getting strong. Who knows, we may throw in a few bonus problems to spice things up.

Spot prizes will be given away at each competition.  Please note that final prizes will only be awarded to competitors who have attended all comps in the series.
Good luck to everyone and see you there.

 Rumble 4

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  1. Justin Lawson Jul 25, 2014 at 3:21 pm #

    The report / results are here –>

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