From Rocklands With Love 2014

30 minutes with us in Rocklands (South Africa) for our 2014 trip !

Problems :

Hole in one (plateau) : 7c+
Crazy Legs (8 days rain) : 7b
Minki (plateau) : 7b
Who the f*ck is Minki (plateau) : 7c
Ulan Bator (Roadcrew) : 7b+
Schwupp (Roadside) : 7a+
Creaking Heights (Roadside) : 6c
The Rhino (Rhino) : 7b+
Pinotage (Sassies) : 7b+
Romane (Roadside) : 6c
Sunset traverse (Roadside) : 7a
Last day in Paradise (Roadcrew) : 7c
Vanity (8 days rain) : 7a+
Hoher riss (Cedar spine Gulley) : 6c+
Cedar Spine (Cedar spine Gulley) : 7b+
Maniac (Field of joy) : 7b
Directors cut (Arch Valley) : 7a+
When the day breaks (Roadcrew) : 7b
The skink (8 days rain) : 7b
Like a squirrel (Dihedral boulder) : 7a+
Esoterrorist (Arch Valley) : 7a
A question of balance (Roadside) : 7b
Sunset Arete (Roadside) : 7c
Salty Egg (Dihedral boulder) : 7a
Oliphantshuis (Sassies) : 7b+
Mufasa (king) (Campground) : 7a+
John Denver (Campground) : 7a
Broadside Arete (Roadcrew) : 7b
Silky Natural (8 days rain) : 7a
Panic room direct (Field of Joy) : 7b
Panic room (Field of Joy) : 7a+
Tiger claw (Rhino) : 6c+
Bols Island (Rhino) : 7a
Un petit Hueco dans Rocklands (Sassies) : 7b+

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