Ithala Appointed Developer of Drakensberg Cableway Project

Drakensberg Cableway routeThe Ithala Development Finance Corporation is to be appointed as the developer of the proposed R500 million Drakensberg cableway project, the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs has confirmed.

MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu had already reached out to his counterparts in Lesotho and the Free State and they have expressed “unqualified support” for the project, Madlala said.

Mabuyakhulu believes that the proximity to the Free State and Lesotho made a compelling case for his department to ensure a collective interest in the project, as it would have cross-border socio-economic benefits.

The department is looking to extend the cableway to the Afriski ski resort in Lesotho.

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