Kleynhans wins Three Peaks Challenge

The 18th edition of Three Peaks Challenge, which is presented in proud partnership with K-Way, took place on Saturday in Cape Town. The men’s race was won by Martin Kleynhans (5:24:59), with K-Way athlete Lucky Miya (5:37:01) taking second place. Katya Soggott again won the women’s race, finishing in 6:15:44, only 42 seconds outside the women’s record, which she set last year.

“Conditions were very hot,” says race organiser Gavin Snell, “particularly later in the day in Platteklip Gorge and on Lion’s Head. A large number of participants complained of cramping.”

Snell says that Miya had a good lead at the end of the second peak but, not being a local, he had little knowledge of the route and he lost valuable time later.

” A friend volunteered to show me some parts of the route when I arrived in Cape Town on Friday but I still took some wrong turns here and there; but I quickly found the right way again,” Miya explains.

Speaking about his run he says: “At Devil’s Peak and up Platteklip I felt great and strong. It’s a tough section with very lovely trails on this beautiful mountain. I managed to open a big gap of about 15 minutes. Then, right at the beginning of the last peak, Lion’s Head, I started cramping and it was really a tough mission to get to the top. Martin Kleynhans caught me here and he was so kind to offer me tablets to stop the cramps, which helped a lot”.

“I’m very happy with my second place,” Miya says. “What an incredible experience with wonderful support on the route and at the checkpoints. I’m very blessed to have this opportunity from K-Way to explore the Three Peaks Challenge.”

2014 three peaks challenge winners

* Katya Soggott’s time is just 42 seconds outside the record time that she set last year.

Three Peaks Challenge

Lucky congratulates Martin Kleynhans

Three Peaks Challenge

Lucky with his trophy

Three Peaks Challenge

Martin Kleynhans – race winner

Three Peaks Challenge

Martin Kleynhans and Katya Soggott

2 Responses to Kleynhans wins Three Peaks Challenge

  1. jacques Nov 4, 2014 at 10:31 am #

    Welldone to all! But more was said about the 2nd place guy than about the winner. Hu?

  2. Andy Davies Nov 4, 2014 at 11:43 am #

    Awesome win from Martin who is also a very active member of the MCSA capetown section.

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