Montagu Mayhem Rock Rally 2015 Report

It was a cool and cloudy day when the Montagu Mayhem Rock Rally took place this year.  Over 40 climbers took part and we even had some visitors from Canada competing.  In the overcast coolness of the day and the patches of warm sun, climbers pushed themselves to get their ten best routes of the day.  Their energy and enthusiasm may very well have been contributed to by Jetboil’s free coffee and tea early on Saturday morning.  Many a climber came trundling in on a reasonably chilly Saturday morning to receive their complimentary warm beverage from the RAM Mountaineering crew manning the Jetboil station.

As always, there are those grand occurrences that take place during the day that lend themselves to some unique and somewhat elaborate spot-prizes. Parveen Karjiker took a stunning fall that left her upside down; Clifford Hakimi and Jan Fischer did a little dance around the rope when Jan came off and pulled Cliff up to twirl with.  It really is all in a day’s climb for these athletes but some of them did it in complete style and funk with the fancy dress part of the day.  We had the psychedelic Bam Bam and Pebbles; The Steam Punk Pair and the Villains from Batman.

The stage was set with sponsors’ Black Diamond, Boreal, Beal, Jetboil and The Mountain Club of South Africa banners adding prominence to the event.  Climbers arrived at De Bos Quad in dribs and drabs with their scoresheets and proceeded to be fed well by Oor die Kole’s legendary lamb spit-braai.  Once all climbers were fed and rested, the prize-giving ensued.  Although each category winner well and truly deserved their prizes (the scores speak for themselves), it was the spot-prizes that got the most laughs and cheers.  After a fairly relaxed after-party, climbers dwindled off to crash for the night in their tents and around campfires.

It was one of the best weekends and we have many people and companies to thank for their contributions:

For the Prizes:
RAM Mountaineering and brands Black Diamond, Boreal, Jetboil and Beal
De Bos Guest Farm
De Pakhuys Campsite
AM Climbing
Rock Chicks
Delaney Carpenter

Ridicule Industries
Oor die Kole
Sound Equipment:
SunPro Audio

Cormac Tooze

Climb ZA
The Helderberg
Breede River Gazette


Mountain Club of South Africa, Cape Town Section



Winners of the Rally:


Top Ropers
Ladies: Finchie Lapin
Men:      David James



Ladies: Anneke Eberhard
Men:      Luke Eberhard


Ladies: Mary Musto
Men:      Jan Fischer


Lucky Buggers
Mikela Sinovich



1st Place                 Andrea Biffi
2nd Place               Clifford Hakimi
3rd Place                Cuan Lohrentz


Send of the Day
Anneke Eberhard


Best Fall of the Day
Parveen Karjiker

The Pirouetters
Clifford Hakimi
Jan Fischer

Worst Climber of the Day
Cormac Tooze

Fancy Dress
The Villains from Batman (Brigitte Froneman, Parveen Karjiker, Elisa Nemes, David and Tamaryn James)

Raffle Winners
Hangboard:         Parveen Karjiker
Hammock:           Nicholas Larsen


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