Table Mountain: Free Ride Between Lower Tafelberg and Upper Tafelberg

MyCiTi bus Table MountainIn a very positive step which will be helpful to tourists and local residents alike, one can now ride the MyCiTi shuttle for free between Lower Tafelberg and Upper Tafelberg.

Effective as of 15 August 2015, an agreement with the Table Mountain Arial Company has been reached which will result in all passengers traveling on the MyCiTi shuttle portion of Route 110 between Lower Tafelberg and Upper Tafelberg stops to be allowed to travel free of charge.

A single trip card dispenser is also installed close to the Upper Tafelberg stop (follow directional signage from the MyCiTi bus shelter) should customers prefer to extend the journey and access the normal scheduled MyCiTi service.

This will be a huge help to reduce the parking congestion along the Tafelberg road, and hopefully put an end to the traffic jams at Kloof Nek during peak times.

MyCiTi bus Table Mountian Cable Car




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