Dean Potter’s Final Essay on Love and Adventure

Dean Potter, the late climber, highliner, and BASE jumper writes about the passions of his life: his dog, his girlfriend, and the outdoors.

Dean Potter Dog

The weather doesn’t change, and our little family settles into an awkward meditative perch atop the Mushroom pillar. Neither Jen nor I speak. Internally, I recount putting Whisper in the BASE pack and securing her full-strength Ruffwear Doubleback Harness to me with three separate lanyards. Though my body is warm inside the nylon suit, I start to shiver and wonder if what we’re doing is right. Wingsuit BASE-jumping feels safe to me, but 25 wingsuit fliers have lost their lives this year alone.

There must be some flaw in our system, a lethal secret beyond my comprehension.

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