Possible cracks on ASAP LOCK

ASAP CrackFACT: MARCH, 30 2016 – During routine equipment inspections one customer detected cracks on the stainless steel arms on three ASAP LOCK.  These three defective products will be returned to Petzl for analysis.

Petzl immediate actions

We have inspected our inventory and have not found cracked ASAP LOCK arms.
We have audited the ASAP LOCK production plant.  The quality inspectors who inspect each individual ASAP LOCK before packaging have never seen this issue.
We have begun a technical investigation to determine the cause of this exceptional event.

Petzl Recommendations for ASAP LOCK in service

  • Regularly inspect your ASAP LOCK in accordance with the ASAP LOCK PPE checking procedure
  • A cracked arm presents no additional immediate risk to the user. However, as with any PPE, the presence of such a crack requires an immediate retirement of the product
  • In the unlikely event you find a cracked arm, retire your ASAP LOCK immediately and contact your local distributor for a replacement under warranty.
  • ASAP (B71 AAA) is not concerned by these recommendations.

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