Mountain Rescue Central Drakensberg

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A joint operation involving a mountain rescue team from the Mountain Club of South, KZN Section, the South African Air Force, KZN Wildlife and the Provincial Health Department took place today in the Monk’s Cowl area of the central Drakensberg.

The incident occurred at approximately 10am and at 2900m altitude on Grey’s Pass. A rock-fall occurred above a group of 3 hikers who were descending the steep path. One rock struck a 30 year old female hiker, causing a large cut to her lower leg. It is believed that the rock-fall was caused by baboons above the party of hikers.

The leader followed the proper protocol and raised the alarm via the Provincial Health Operations Centre in Pietermaritzburg. The call was then patched through to the Mountain Club and the rescue was activated.

Two members of the Mountain Club were airlifted to the scene on board an Augusta A109 helicopter from 15 Squadron, Air Force Base (AFB) Durban. A paramedic was then taken on board at Dragon Peaks AFB and taken to the scene. Due to the constraints of the helicopter, the patient had been moved down the pass by members of her party, to a lower altitude from where she was winched into the aircraft, in the company the mountain rescue leader.

After treatment on board the aircraft and also at Dragon Peaks AFB, she was taken to a locally based doctor for treatment.

For any further inquires please contact myself, Gavin, at 082 990 5876 or Colin McCoy 082 546 7963.

Gavin Raubenheimer
Search & Rescue Convener


2 Responses to Mountain Rescue Central Drakensberg

  1. Ghaznavid May 4, 2016 at 8:48 am #

    I went up Greys Pass the following day. We took a short break under the shelter before the summit gully, while we were there, there was another rock fall. Talking to a few others, it seems this is quite common. I am not entirely sure how safe this pass actually is.

  2. Anthony Howes Nov 20, 2016 at 7:10 pm #

    I have also experienced people above throwing boulders down at us on the path below the escarpment. Presumed they were Basotho shepherds but wasn’t sure

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