**Update 16 Feb: Joining in the American Alpine Club Exchange

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What do you think of this as the notice to send out? If everyone is happy with it, Illona could you email it to all those who responded and post it on the Climb.za and facebook page

Dear AAC-MCSA exchange applicant

Due to the large number of applicants that we received and because many people could not take part for the entire two weeks of the exchange, we have decided to change the format of the SA leg to be more flexible and inclusive. Instead of restricting the exchange to 10 SA climbers who would climb with and host the Americans for the entire two weeks, all local climbers can join for the days that suit them. This way, we can accomodate more climbers for shorter periods of the exchange. Hopefully the numbers will balance out so that we get a consistent number of locals on each day.

We need volunteers to help host, transport and guide the visitors and will try to team up an American climber with a suitably matched SA climber each day.

We have received considerable funding from the MCSA for this event. Some equipment suppliers have also pledged sponsorship but our final available budget has yet to be confirmed. Those individuals that participate and host American climbers will be assisted financially with food and transport costs. Whatever funds are then left over will be used to facilitate the enjoyment of all concerned at the various events planned.

The SA leg will serve as a selection for the US leg. The selection will be based on your contribution towards the SA leg (hosting, driving, cooking, climbing, joke telling), trad talent/ potential and being an MCSA member. Unfortunately the AAC has not released dates for the US leg yet but we will try to get these confirmed ASAP.

Thank you if you took the time to fill in the application. We still need to know in advance who is coming on each day and roughly your trad competency and current ability to on-sight or follow trad routes and what grade so that we can plan accordingly.

We will keep in touch about getting this information.


Jamie, Illona, Snort and Johann

To all local climbers:

The upcoming American climbing exchange, like the British one of last year, is organised to hype the psych of our local trad scene. The more local climbers involved, the better, so you are encouraged to take part in whatever way suits you – join in the climbing for a day or more, join us camping at a country venue for the weekend, host one of the visitors, or attend an evening social / presentation.


Please fill in the on-line form to indicate how, when and where you might like to be involved. This doesn’t commit you, it is just an indication of interest, numbers and willingness, in order to assist with organisation.

Fill in the form here: https://goo.gl/forms/BXV4xRar04ECjmSu1

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  1. Eoin morgan Mar 20, 2017 at 7:25 pm #

    interesting news. thanks for sharing

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