Chris Cosser sends Godzilla (32/8b)

Chris Cosser on Godzilla. Photo by Josh Greaves

16 year old Chris Cosser has sent Bovens ”King line” Godzilla on Sunday 20 March 2017 pushing his ranking up to 3rd in SA.

Besides this great send, this youngster has been making waves in the climbing circle with his contagious enthusiasm for climbing and impressive sport climbing checklist over the last year. He is on the “to watch list” for upcoming rope guns sending his first 26/7b (Vandals in Fernkloof) just over a year ago in February 2016 to his first 31/8a+ (Raptophilia at Boven) in June 2016. Future life 32/8b at Wow Prow went in the bag in August 2016 along with Squaw Play (30/8a at WigWam) and Tokolosie (30/8a at Boven) in December 2016.

Chris has been involved with the indoor climbing circuit since taking the SA National U13 Lead title in 2013 and has represented SA in 3 IFSC World Youth Championships with his latest indoor achievement of 3rd place in the 2016 National Rock Masters. CityROCK Johannesburg has become his home ground training gym under the supportive and watchful eye of his coach James Barnes who keeps challenging him and pushing his limits. Chris was also the first official member of Redpoint Climbing Club after Brett Nicolson saw his climbing potential at age 11.

Congratulations Chris on this great send and we will be watching and supporting you as you take SA sport climbing to the next level!


6 Responses to Chris Cosser sends Godzilla (32/8b)

  1. Alan Trotter Mar 23, 2017 at 9:42 am #

    “Congratulations” Chris – but understanding fully all of the article about your out-of-doors climbing achievements is somewhat challenging, especially to “old, concerned foggies” such as me (& those enthusiastic people “geeing for you” that surround me) who love you dearly.
    What a “Spider-man”; what a physique; what a show of individual determination & dedication!
    People who write articles about you, and your exploits, henceforth (perhaps) should be “gently” encouraged to be just a touch sensitive about absolute ignorance that we “lay” people suffer from as to rock climbing generally – more especially as to the technical “jargon” and numbering system apparently utilized (which I assume is effectively a scale of difficulty / hardship / challenge arbitrarily set by your peers, albeit that we “lay” are certainly impressed and overwhelmed by features and formations that you conquer. WE confess we are utterly bewildered by the stunning depictions showing you precariously dangling beside vertical rock faces, seemingly 100’s of feet above the ground, as no valley floor or cliff top is apparent in such pictures.
    Needless to say – we fear the outcomes each time for you. It goes without say – your focus on each occasion is essential. Judgement and preparation becomes the key to more successes – BUT please don’t give your Nanna too many heart anxieties in respect to what sometimes must be “the impossible”!
    Keep your application to your pursuit going, but always on a “strictly balanced basis”.

  2. Hector Mar 23, 2017 at 10:25 am #

    Alan, that is hands-down the best comment on this website in ages! I wouldn’t be too worried about the finer details – you clearly get the important bits. Well done Chris, what an incredible send!

  3. David Wade Mar 23, 2017 at 4:44 pm #

    Godzilla is still my all time favorite line – Well done Chris!

  4. Phlip Mar 30, 2017 at 9:34 am #

    Inspiring Stuff!!
    Well done young man!


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