Mount Poi – Of Choss and Lions

Two of America’s boldest rock climbers and self-proclaimed fashionistas, Alex Honnold & Cedar Wright, travel to Kenya’s Mt. Poi. The guys dodge choss, wild animals and general debauchery to claim ascents of Africa’s biggest big wall.  It’s, uh, character building.

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One Response to Mount Poi – Of Choss and Lions

  1. Ghaznavid May 25, 2017 at 2:49 pm #

    Is it actually Africa’s biggest big wall? I don’t know how high it is – just wondering if it is one of those “there probably aren’t any others” kind of comments. I know there are some pretty large cliffs around, and it is a pretty large continent – even a route like Not So Auto on Monks Cowl is a pretty big wall.

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