Genie Answering All Your Questions about Climbing Grades

Do you ever feel confused about climbing grades? Check out the video to see all common questions about climbing grades explained, FAQ style.

Just in case some questions are too easy for you, see below to skip to the next questions.
00:14 Why are there different grading systems for climbing with ropes and without ropes?
00:39 How do the grading systems work?
01:20 What do the numbers in the grading system exactly mean?
02:10 I can climb a few V2s but am unable to climb some V1s in my gym. Does my gym make a mistake in grading?
02:22 I can climb 80% of V1s and 30% V2s in my gym. Am I a V1 climber or a V2 climber?
02:32 What is the equivalent of a 5.10b in V scale?
02:45 Why does the V0 outdoors seem so much harder than V0 indoors?
03:11 I just switched gyms and I can climb a V2! I was only able to climb V1s in my old gym. What’s going on?

Conversion table between different types of grading system:

Yosemite Decimal System

V Scale

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