Top 10 Mountain Ascents That Went WRONG

Throughout history, expedition teams have raced to achieve the glory of being the first to stand on the summit of a mountain. Even now, when most mountains have already been climbed hundreds of times, there are still those willing to find new routes and take on new challenges in order to be the first to do so. But success rarely comes without risk, and climbing impressively high peaks is a dangerous risk to take.

10. The 1936 Eiger North Face Disaster
9. The 1982 American Everest Expedition
8. The 1953 American Karakoram Expedition
7. The 1934 Nanga Parbat Expedition
6. The 1905 Kanchenjunga Expedition
5. Ober Gabelhorn, 1865
4. Makalu, 2005
3. Cerro Torre, 1959
2. Edward Whymper and the Matterhorn
1. The 1924 Everest Expedition

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