Sweet dreams: why do big brands crave climbers?

Coke has started to sponsor pro climbers. Should the climbing community embrace support from big drinks brands or fight back against their sugary fingers? Hazel Findlay takes a look at this sticky issue.

People will tell you that everything comes at a price, even the best job in the world. Since I have the best job in the world, I can tell you that they’re correct. I’ve tried to picture a better profession – the Queen, artist, celebrity, wine taster – and, in my mind, none of them trump being a pro climber. But then I remind myself that it’s still a job and, in essence, paying a price is the whole point of that. You sacrifice your time and energy – and potentially a bit more – and get numbers on your bank statement in return.

Right now a climber called Ashima Shiraishi is starting to pay that price. Ashima is a very strong climber – one of the strongest young climbers of all time – and she’s just signed a sponsorship deal with Coca Cola.

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