Anak Verhoeven 9A+ first ascent

On September 11, 2017, Anak Verhoeven, a 21 year old pro climber from Belgium, completed the first ascent of Sweet Neuf, a linkup at Pierrot Beach at Vercors, France.  She graded the line 9a+/5.15a or 37 in South Africa.

Watch footage from Anak Verhoeven’s historic first ascents, Sang Neuf (9a/5.14d) and Sweet Neuf (9a+/5.15a).  Located at Pierrot Beach at Vercors, France, Sweet Neuf combines Sang Neuf into the adjacent Home Sweet Home (5.14b/c) and, if the grade is confirmed, is the first 5.15a first ascent climbed by a woman.

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