Rand Rock Sport Climbing & Bouldering Guide + Crazy Crag Day

The long-awaited route guide to the sport climbing and bouldering in around Johannesburg is at last becoming available.  The book called Rand Rock will be launched on the 10 December with a crazy crag day which will involve a rapid tour of 7 crags in the inner Johannesburg and West Rand area, where we will climb one climb at each crag.  The intention is just to have fun and see what is on offer in these inner-city crags.  Then following the final venue which is Kings Kloof, there will be an official book launch at a hall near the parking of Kings. This is a bring and braai with prizes and a short presentation on the journey of how the book came about.


Climbing flow chart

The guide RandRock is a little different to other guides available on the market in that it has a more playful interactive approach to the reader.  There are many little cartoon sketches on the edges, a snakes and ladders game for those having spare time between sends, quiz, glossary with tongue and cheek definitions, stories about certain milestones on the development of the climbing in the area such as the account of the first ascent of Stormwatch by Roger Nattress, and lots more.  The guide however is serious where it needs to be serious, as it has a big section on keeping safe at the crags and environmental concerns. We set a strict standard on toilet procedure in the bush for those who are not in the know.  A large effort has been made to provide completeness of the information on the climbs and boulder problems listed, with no or little information left out.

As a teaser here is the crag flow chart, in case you need help deciding where to climb today:


See posters below for details

Crazy Crag DayRand Rock Climbing Guide


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  1. Greg Dec 11, 2017 at 8:23 am #

    Thank you Neil and all others involved in an awesome day out at the local JHB crags.
    Introduction to crags just on our doorsteps.
    Great to see the Parks embracing climbers and wanting to help grow the sport.
    A must have guide book and just in time to fill climbers stockings….

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