Ian Slatem Memorial Service

Ian SlatemThe MEMORIAL SERVICE for Ian Slatem is being held at the MCSA (mountain club), 97 Hatfield street on the 10th of January starting at 2pm.

We would love you to attend and celebrate Ian’s life with us. We welcome you to share your memories, pictures or stories.

There was an (informal) Memorial Gathering & Climb on the Saturday the 8th on Table Mountain:

The following words are from Willem Boshoff:

It was one of the clearest, most beautiful days I’ve experienced on Table Mountain.  The day we went to say goodbye to Ian Slatem in what he affectionately called his “office in the clouds”. 

This day the universe conspired to let a sea of clouds roll over the shores, breaking against the mountain – it became a sanctuary afloat in silence; the city and it’s noise hidden from our senses.  We were privileged to have Ian’s son, his (son’s) mom and sister with us as we sat in a group next to the trail, sharing stories of adventures with him.  Life is beautiful, exhilarating and fragile.  Hilton Davies then led us around to Arrow Final where he talked about the history of the route, the lives of climbing comrades lost and his own near-death fall, with such empathy that i could see the “release of uncertainty” on Ian’s family’s faces.  Clouds drifted in, we laid flowers and built a small cairn, and then went off to climb some beautiful rock.

We salute you Ian, may your spirit roam free in your office in the clouds.

Ian Slatem – Arrow Final Accident Report

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  1. Petro Grobler Jan 10, 2018 at 3:48 pm #


    – a personal note by Petro Grobler (Magaliesberg Section)

    Living in close quarters with our neighbours across the Jukskei River, it sometimes feels to me that it made no difference whether a member was from the Magaliesberg or from the Johannesburg Section – especially when it came to chairmen. So it was for me with Ian who was vice-chair and chair of Joburg Section plus MCSA ExCo member around the year 2000.

    I scanned through my past emails to remind me of the issues discussed and solved (or not) in those times. These were the times when the Club still hosted the Banff Film Festival and worked their butts off for that; Castle Gorge was a never-ending drama and, of course, there was the recurrent issue of the CT Section trying to change the constitution to give them majority rule (sigh). Through it all, the clarity of Ian’s thinking and the formulation of his replies shine through. There was some bantering as well…

    Our correspondence dried up with his relocation to CT but, the look in his eyes remains with me.
    There is something circular for me in his request for details from me after a reference in MCSA eNews 2000/07-2 (of which I was then editor). It was about the death of Duncan Elliott, who died in an avalanche on Huascaran, and I couldn’t help much at that moment: “Thanks Petro, there doesn’t seem to be much knowledge about this rather sad affair at all.”

    I submit to you, in Ian’s honour, the quote from that eNews edition:
    In the mountain, stillness surges up to explore its own height; in the lake, movement stands still to contemplate its own depth. – Rabindranath Tagore

    Maar die bekoring van Tafelberg is van velerlei aard. En as die wind stil is, as daar geen suidoos is om die mis teen die berg op te ja en die bergklimmers te terg nie, is daar die wye, blou lug en die see wat blink en die groot kranse teen die loom namiddag. – WA de Klerk, Berge van die Boland 1947

    But the allure of Table Mountain is of a varied nature. And if the wind is still; if there is no Southeaster to chase the mist up against the mountain and to tease the mountaineers, there is the wide, blue sky and the sea that shines and the huge krantzes against the dozy afternoon. – WA de Klerk, Mountains of the Boland 1947

    RIP Ian

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