Alex Megos Sends Sharma Project – Perfecto Mundo

Alex Megos Interview recently In case you were wondering 5.15c is 9b+ and grade 40 by South African standards!

On May 9, Alex Megos climbed Perfecto Mundo, becoming the first climber other than Adam Ondra to make the first ascent of a 9b+ (5.15c/40). Megos told Rock and Ice via email, “It’s the hardest route I’ve done.”

Click here to read – Rock and Ice spoke to Alex Megos, Chris Sharma and Stefano Ghisolfi about the world’s newest 5.15c/9b+/40, climbed by Megos on May 9, 2018. Perfecto Mundo was a long-dormant project of Sharma’s.


Alex Megos alex megos perfecto mundo


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