Alexander Gukov rescued on Latok I

Russian mountaineer Alexander Gukov, trapped for over 6 days on Latok I, has been rescued by the Pakistani military helicopters.

In what must be considered an absolute miracle, Russian mountaineer Alexander Gukov has been plucked off the slopes of Latok I after having been trapped for over 6 days at circa 6200 m following the death of his climbing partner Sergey Glazunov.

Published below is the full report sent by Anna Piunova of and written by her Pakistani partner who has helped coordinate the rescue mission.

latok helicopter rescueAfter persevering and putting their lives in danger for two consecutive days, the pilots of 5th Army Aviation High Altitude Squadron proved once again that they are amongst the best by rescuing Alex Gukov through sling operation at 6300m. Nature finally backed off…

The weather cleared up during the night. This morning it was mostly blue skies with some clouds hanging around Latok. And this is what tilted the balance in favor of the brave pilots of the Fearless Five. However they had to fight strong winds at 6300m during the sling operation.

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