Table Mountain Ledge Clean Up 2018

On Saturday 26th May 30 climbers from MCSA & UCT MSC, and some of their friends, got onto the ledges around the upper cable station to clean the ledges of litter that accumulates all too quickly.  I managed to persuade John Wilson to be our photographer.

It was highly successful with small teams allocated specific exposed areas. There were 2 parties of walkers cleaning broad ledges.
A big thanks to City Rock for their sponsorship, TMACC for all the support, to all the climbers that came to do the job and John for capturing the event with his camera for us.

In all about 40 bags of litter were collected. A terrace umbrella was removed from the gully near Jacobs Ladder by Kevin & Warren, the biggest piece of litter. TMACC tell me it was repaired and returned to service on the restaurant terrace.
This will probably become a biannual event with another clean up planned for late November.

Pictures courtesy of John Wilson with some from Stefan Braun


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