Climb Like a Girl

…it is exciting to see the ranks of lady crushers psyched in the gyms and crags alike.  So, climb ‘like a girl’ would like to create a community of women climbers within South Africa and, along with that, create a means to increase your experience and skills within the gym as well as outdoors on the rock face, for all levels of experience, as well as providing a means for the ladies to learn, share and gain from each other.

Chapmans Peak Climbing

Alta vd Merwe climbing on Chapmans Peak. Photo: J. Joseph

I enjoy the diversity of movement climbing creates and the feelings of overcoming the limits and boundaries through practice and experience….clipping those chains after working a project and learning the dance moves. I guess that’s what makes me climb; that and the most beautiful places, and adventures it has taken me on…. – Tiffany Wells ”

TJ1Tiffany, along with some cameo’s from local-strong-ladies will be running a selection of programs across South Africa dedicated to woman climbers – crag-weekends as well as gym clinics. We are aiming to provide a platform for girls and women to grow and progress with the support of other women.

The programmess are open to anyone, however each venue may have some pre-requisites depending on the location or the focus of the itenerary.

Faye Brouard

Faye Brouard an her FA of Mango Tango (8a+ / 31). photo: Kath Fourie

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