Some highlights from CityROCKtober, it was EPIC! Congrats to our winners:

Junior Men’s lead: Josh Myers

Junior Women’s lead: Jenna Slabbert

Junior Men’s bouldering: Nathan Berlin

Junior Women’s bouldering: Amaya lakmeerhan


Novice Men’s lead: Marlu da conceicao

Novice Women’s lead: Bianca Ferreira

Novice Men’s bouldering: Carlo Antonelli

Novice Women’s bouldering: Bianca Ferreira


Open Men’s lead: Christopher Cosser

Open Women’s lead: Candice Leigh Bagley

Open Men’s bouldering: Christopher Cosser

Open Women’s bouldering: Hannah Sealy-Fisher


A huge thank you to all the food and drink stalls that pulled through: Clean Cuisine, Build-a-Brownie, Vegeata, Forest Child’s Bakery, Hazeldean Brewing Co. & Bubbly on Tap

And to all the bands, we love you! Veranda Panda, Ember, The Capitals, Zebra, Christiaan Baartman, The Bearded man Cover band, Baas de Beer & Activation Media.


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