Mount Kenya Fire

#MountKenyaOnFire Update: 7.45PM: Fires in the South under control. A great deal of work has been done by the men taken there early this morning by Tropic Air, KWS and KFS choppers. More teams went in from Castle Forest Station and Naro Moru to put fire breaks ahead of the same fire.

In the north, despite hard work in the Chogoria section by choppers, rangers, KDF men and the spray plane the fires continue to spread, some easing and going up higher where they will burn out and some flaring up again and even jumping the road.

The fires have come around the edge of the knoll on the east of Lake Alice.

A lot of work still to be done but everyone is trying their absolute best.

We have received so many kind donations and we are going to keep going.
Thanks to all the pilots, rangers and well wishers.

The official donation numbers are as follows:

Mt Kenya Trust: Paybill 329142. Reference FIRES
Mt Kenya direct fire phone number: 0798 674 166
Mountain Club of Kenya Trustee Nikunj Shah: 0703 613 016

Click here for more info on the Mount Kenya Trust FB Page for more info
Mount Kenya FireMount Kenya Planes
Mount Kenya Fire


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