Rocklands Research Feedback

Outdoor-adventure niche-based activities are growing in popularity across the world and greater attention is being paid to the associated environmental, social and cultural impacts.  In 2018, a study was conducted to explore the perceptions of various role-players involved in bouldering at the world-renowned site that is Rocklands.

Since 2005, bouldering at Rocklands has grown exponentially and there is rising concern that the implications of this growth are not being managed effectively. This study thus set out to better inform current management actions and enhance socio-ecological outcomes at Rocklands by garnering the views of climbers, landowners and conservation officials involved in bouldering.

This study formed part of an Honours project conducted within the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town.  Rocklands_survey_2019 and is summarised in a rocklands_survey_feedback_2019 feedback document.  Highlights the salient findings of the research although the research report is much more nuanced and worth looking at for those who would like to get a more gainful insight.

A big vote of thanks must go out to you, the climbing community, for participating in an online survey and those of you who were interviewed in person. The response to this research is indicative of the passion that the community has for the sport and appreciation of Rocklands.

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