Saray Khumalo becomes first black South African woman to summit Mount Everest

South Africa’s Saray Khumalo has reached the top of the world, becoming the first black African woman to summit Mount Everest.

Saray Khumalo mount everestIt was fourth time lucky for Khumalo, whose three previous attempts failed due to external factors, including in 2015 when an earthquake struck Nepal.

But she finally conquered the mountain on Thursday morning, managing to ascend nearly 9,000m above sea level.

Khumalo’s friend Erika Gibson has been tracking her journey throughout the night and said that she was a remarkable woman.

“Emotionally it is very, very tough but she is a tough lady and she is an absolute warrior. I’ve watched her overcome so many problems.”

Four people have already died this season alone while trying to summit Mount Everest due to altitude conditions.



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