Rachelle de Charmoy World Cup Climbing in Chamonix

Rachelle de Charmoy is taking part in the World Cup Climbing compeition in Chamonix. Good luck Rachelle!!

Via Facebook:

My first speed and lead world cups happened last weekend. It was a good experience, and can only get better from here.

The start holds of the speed route are really high, we definitely need to make changes to the speed route at home. I ran a decent (for me) time, but not my best.

I fell low on both the lead routes, not pumped, just tricky big moves, very beta intensive. Deciding which way to try each move is critical. Hoping to watch a few more short climbers before my turn this time. And need to trust my instinct even if the demonstration video is different.

Chamonix world cup starts tomorrow! 😀😬😁

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