Remy Kloos Denali Summit

Dear Denali,

Where do I even begin, for 18 days you welcomed me and my expedition team into your home, allowed us to explore your magnificent beauty and in the process being generous enough to let us reach our dreams of kissing your forehead.

I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have showed me my true strength and tested me beyond what I ever thought I would be physically and mentally capable of. From carrying loads of gear and food (sled and backpack) that weighed close to my own body weight, where at times it was only possible to focus on placing one step in front of the other. To single carrying up the 16 ridge to high camp, where the sheer drop on either side was immense and left absolutely no room for a single misplaced step. To a 12 hour summit day that was close to perfection, the weather Gods were without a doubt celebrating as we were gifted with sun and no winds. To descending your vast slopes in only two days, the last day carrying out heavy packs, covering over 20km, was my biggest and toughest day of them all.

I could feel your grand feminine power, thank you for showering me with strength. I was the the only female in a group of 11 (guides included), which is not uncommon on Denali. This didn’t bother me, our team was focused and fun. I did manage to meet a couple badass women guides up on the hills!! Finally, as with all my expeditions, I am left looking back, heart exploding with gratitude. Once again, I was able to push harder and exceed my own expectations of what I thought I would be capable of. The wild and wondrous beauty of the Alaskan back country is something I will never forget- fuel to my fierce, peace to my soul, happiness to my being. So Queen Denali, although I have left your lands, you have not left my heart. You have taught me more than I could have ever imagined, thank you once more.

Forever and Always,
Remy xx

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