BD Athlete Seb Bouin: First Ascents in Turkey — Lily’s Eye

With recent ascents up to 9b/b+ (5.15b/c), BD Athlete Seb Bouin is one of the world’s strongest climbers. And as the saying goes: like mother, like son. On a recent “first ascent” expedition to Turkey, Seb traveled with his favorite climbing partner—his mother—to establish a new route in a recently discovered limestone cave. Check out episode 1—Lily’s Eye—as Seb and his mom, Claire Cerisier, take turns bolting the area’s “king line.”

[youtube width=730][/youtube]

In episode 2 of Lily’s Eye, Seb puts the finishing touches on the new route he bolted with his mom in Turkey. The line is epic at around 80 meters long and checks in at 8c+ (5.14c)—making it an instant classic tufa testpiece. But, says Seb, “more than a grade behind a route, there is a story with my mom in order to bolt and send a mega line. The journey itself is more interesting than the final result for me.”

[youtube width=730][/youtube]



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