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Brian Weaver on Overlord (8b/+). Photo by Zele Angelides

Boven with the Hamer Bros and Jose!

So I’ve spent the last couple of weekends hanging out in Boven with Wild Country UK athletes Sam and Ed Hamer along with their strong Spanish buddy Jose! They went on a rampage in Boven…

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Training coaching success

Training, Coaching and Success

Training, Coaching and Success. Very often I sit around wondering what factors help a person to succeed. Success in life like success in climbing requires preparation. For me, this often results in many hours spent isolated in my spare room doing…

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Finish hold on Mintberry.

Brian Weaver discovers that “It’s All Uphill…”

Brian Weaver comes to the Cape, goes bouldering at Echo Valley, climbs on the Jeopardy Wall and discovers that most things in the Cape are….

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Brian Weaver

Brian Weaver on good times in Gauteng

Since the car accident in August things have been a little abnormal. I’ve certainly had some interesting stuff happening.

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Brian Weaver

Brian Weaver – Sends and New Arrivals

Andrew and I headed off to Boven with the intention of doing Boa Rodeo, an 8a+ trad line. Both of us tried it for three days but had no sends. We discovered how hard it actually is to place the gear!

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Stiletto Snake

Brian Weaver and the Snake Bite – Don’t pick it up!

Brian Weaver gives us an account of his latest experience, “On my way back I came across a little black snake. I took some pictures and then I picked it up. It was totally chilled at first and I carried it a bit, then it bit me twice.”

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damaged climbing finger

Lab Rat… My second 8b+

This was one of the first routes I ever saw when I arrived in Waterval Boven for the first time in 2006. My eyes grew large and my secret desire to climb it slow grew larger.

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Brian Weaver sends Mutation

The weekend I opened the climb I was actually suffering from Golfer’s Elbow in my left arm. It had been a problem for the previous three weeks and I have taken the entire week off to let it rest (for me 5 rest days is psychotic).


Ping, Ping, Ping, Thud…

I decided that next I was going for the onsight of Witless (25). We walked over to the base, started discussing what gear I should take up, unfolded the rope and I was off.


Where did the 8a benchmark go?

The grade debate has always been a sore subject for most. Personally, I have always put a great deal of emphasis on sending harder, climbing the next grade and pushing the limit.