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Redhill, Mushroom area

Sheldon Smith climbing at an area called Mushroom in Redhill.

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The Midnight Barber (8a) at Echo Valley

Short video of Sheldon Smith sending ‘The Midnight Barber’ (8A) in Topside, Echo Valley.

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Best Conditions at Echo Valley

Climbing at Echo Valley; rain was expected to come but never did which made the conditions amazing.

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Rocklands Classics

A short video by Sheldon Smith of a few Rocklands classic boulder problems.

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First Ascents in Newlands Forest

Sheldon Smith sending a few first ascents at the New area at Newlands Forest, discovered these boulder and couldn’t find any traces of previous climbers.


Llandudno Bouldering

Sheldon Smith bouldering at Llandudno for the day, he managed to finish off two projects he started on the previous year, this gave him a great sense of elation after being able to tick them off his list.

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Sheldon Smith sends Captain Hindsight 7c+

Sheldon Smith on Captain Hindsight 7c+ which is an amazing line in Echo Valley which is often overlooked because in winter it is often damp. Having taken full advantage of the good conditions Sheldon puts the beastly boulder down.

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Steve Bradshaw sends Cthulu 8A+

A video of Steve Bradshaw sending Cthulu “sit-start” 8A+ at Echo Valley, Topside.


Mintberry Crunch Echo Valley

Mint Berry Crunch 8A at Echo Valley

Sheldon Smith sending Mint Berry Crunch 8A at Echo Valley.

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The Nooner – 7B+

Sheldon Smith sends The Nooner at CBD Bright Lights below Table Mountain.

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