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El Corazon

Video: Steve Bradshaw in Rocklands

Steve reports on a few of his recent sends in Rocklands where he’s been living with his wife Angie in a caravan for the past few months.

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Rocklands In Motion 2013

Welcome to our world tucked away in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa!

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Arctic Expedition

Support our Arctic Expedition Boys!

Last year, the guys sailed 11,000 kilometres in a 10 metre sailboat from Scotland to Alaska stopping at various points to open new big-wall routes on cliffs that jutted straight out of the ocean.



First cruise on Dodo’s Delight

Quote of the day came from Andrew when he said, “we should turn before we hit the rocks”…

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South African Arctic Expedition Team

It came to our attention that a group of well known South African climbers have some bold plans for this winter—plans that involve 7,000km of sailing and a healthy dose of big wall route development deep within the Arctic circle.

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All I want for Valentine’s day is an 8c belay!

Relief floods my body but it’s also an anti-climax. I’ve definitely reached a new level, but I seem to have adjusted to it already. In the end it’s just another climb, a valuable experience but just a small step on the never-ending ladder of improvement.

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