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Andrew Pedley

Evolv / Bluewater Athletes Andrew Pedley & Matt Bush pushing the limits

Andrew was reportedly seen recently in the Cape, where he made an ‘onsight’ of TM trad classic ‘No Longer at Ease’, 25 ‘The walk in was harder than the climb (seriously!)

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yak sac duffle bag

First Ascent Yak Sac Duffle Review

The Yak Sac is a bombproof expedition bag designed for hauling gear for any sort of journey on which you might be embarking.

GRIGRI 2 Review

GRIGRI 2 Review – Assisted braking belay device

The new Grigri2 is lighter, safer, smaller and works like the old one (just like an old friend but now with benefits)

Sharper Edges by Andrew De Klerk

Sharper Edges by Andy de Klerk

A soulful new twist on climbing literature, the stories in Sharper Edges span two decades of climbing, BASE jumping and family life. With frankness, sensitivity, philosophy and deadpan humour, Andy de Klerk takes you on the end of a rope into his world of extreme danger, friendship, heartache and loss.



RBs – a useful addition to your trad-rack

There was a buzz on the Climb.co.za forum recently around bad things happening when good men do nothing…and removable bolts (RBs) were mentioned.

bpa free bottles

Why BPA Free Drink Bottles?

Bisphenol A (or BPA for short) is a compound used in the manufacturing of many plastics. There have been many reports in main stream media about the dangers of BPA leaching in to the drinking water or food of containers made with BPA.


Review: King Lines – A film by Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer

This movie follows Chris Sharma around the globe looking for king lines from the Mediterranean Sea to the Venezuelan jungle. For anyone who’s been away from earth for the last 10 years, Chris Sharma is one of the best rock climbers in the world and he’s the poster boy for “the life” of the pro […]


Review: Petzl William Auto Lock Biner

If you find yourself forgetting to screw up your locking biner, this one is for you. The locking mechanism is easy to use and can be operated with one hand once you’ve played with it for a couple of minutes. The keylock nose on the biner prevents gear/rope from snagging. The metal locking sleeve operates […]

Christian Core bouldering in a pair of Boreal shoes on the Egg Files at Rocklands.

Climbing Shoes – (how to make em stick)

Listed below are Frequently Asked Questions about how to fit your climbing shoes: