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sasha digiulian interview

Sasha DiGiulian Interview

An interview with Sasha DiGiulian who was recently in South Africa

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Sasha Digiulian South Africa

Sasha DiGiulian Q&A

Sasha took some time out to answer a few questions in advance of her trip to South Africa:


Clinton Martinengo rock climbing, Montagu

Clinton Martinengo sends Mazawattee (35/8c+)

Clinton Martinengo is the third South African to climb the 8c+ grade with his send of Mazawattee.

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Jamie Smith

Jimbo Smith opens Last of the Mohawks on Table Mountain

I am pretty bored with the sport climbing in Cape Town so climbing on Table Mountain is new and exciting for me.

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Gosia Lipinska interview

Gosia Lipinska Interview

Gosia has made quite a name for herself over the recent years with hard sends and ascents of big walls.


Alex Honnold Interview

Interview: Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold visited South Africa for a month this winter and we had the opportunity to interview him during his short visit to Montagu in September.

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Justin Hawkins, Up for Grabs

Phlip Olivier sends Up for Grabs

Phlip Oliver sent Up For Grabs on the 11th of April, we caught up with him for a brief interview:

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Guy Paterson-Jones interview

Guy Paterson-Jones Interview

Apparently I’m likely to fall off everything I climb if I don’t drink tea beforehand, but I’m willing to take that risk.

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Matt Bush bouldering at Llandudno

Matt Bush Interview

Soloing routes came as a natural progression for me. I was staying on a farm in Montagu and I didn’t always have a climbing partner. I would cycle my bike to the crags and climb routes alone, soaking up the sun and moving free.


Illona Pelser Interview

Illona Pelser Interview

One of South Africa’s top female climbers took some time out in Montagu to chat with us…

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