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Marc Efune Flex Interview

Marc Efune Interview

Its November we’re in South Africa’s sport climbing paradise, Waterval Boven, but apparently this is not the best time of year to be here. It’s raining as another highveld thunderstorm cruises through the valley. Sitting in our chalet at Tranquilitas drinking whiskey, I decide to interview one of our local climbing heroes, The Flex…

The Mental Toughness Error

Craig was pumped and needed to make a decision quickly. His last protection was a bolt ten feet down and to his right. He couldn’t see the crack for his next protection placement, but he knew it was just over the bulge above him.



Yosemite is home to one of the most concentrated collections of trad Crack climbs in the world. The route Astroman is arguably the most famous route of its kind and is just hard enough or easy enough to entice or inspire any seasoned or “wanna be” trad climber.

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ACRA showdown

The vibe on the ledge was incredible and the crowd on the viewpoint over the valley enjoyed the action.

World’s Steepest Big Wall?

John and Anne Arran have just returned from their most adventurous big-wall expedition yet. They climbed the first ever ascent of Amurí tepui in Venezuela up a clean wall near the line of an incredible 600m waterfall which is so off the beaten track it doesn’t even yet have a name!


Clinton Martinengo Interview

Clinton Martinengo is at the top of his game right now, he’s climbed and opened numerous routes around South Africa and now he is in the United States for an international climbing meet, a Yosemite trip and then some…



Jimbo Smith Interview

Four of us huddle under the only shady bush for lunch at Joe’s Garage in Keur Kloof, Montagu, it’s an unusually warm Spring day, too hot to climb and so the interview with local hero ‘Jamie (Jimbo) Smith’ begins..