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Rocklands, Western Cape

Report: The 2013 Annual Rocklands Clean Up

One climber arrived on Saturday for the Rocklands Clean Up. One. And he’s not a boulderer, he’s a sport climber. From Pretoria.



Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold South Africa Trip

Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold were recently in South Africa again for a film on climbing in South Africa.

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Halloween at Cityrock

Pictures: Halloween at CityROCK

Scary climbing photos from CityROCK’s Halloween evening.

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ueli steck annapurna solo

Bugs’s Annapurna Trek

In September I was trekking around the Annapurna Massif in Nepal. Near the end of the trek I went up to Annapurna South Base camp.

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Supertamp 2013 madagascar summit photo

MCSA Supertramp Award 2014

The 2014 MCSA Supertramp Award of up to R15 000 is available to a young South African.


Brian Weaver

Brian Weaver on good times in Gauteng

Since the car accident in August things have been a little abnormal. I’ve certainly had some interesting stuff happening.

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Rocklands dyno

The Annual Rocklands Clean UP

The annual Rocklands Clean Up over the first weekend of November.


Adam Ondra v16 / 8C+

Adam Ondra Climbing Two V16′s

Adam Ondra climbs two of the world’s hardest boulder problems, suggesting V16 / 8C+ for both.

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Mayan Smith-Gobat punks in the gym

Mayan Smith-Gobat – Punks in the Gym

Punks in the Gym (32) at Mt. Arapiles has waited 27 years for a first female ascent.


Banff film festival 2013

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2013

For the eighth consecutive year, the local leg of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2013 kicks off on Friday 25 October and brings to our shores the very best adventure and outdoor lifestyle documentaries.