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Madrock Flash 2.0 review

Flash 2.0. Review

You can probably tell by now I like these shoes, like a lot. So here is the story of our relationship and how I got so smitten.

Jimbo Smith Climbing Table Mountain

Jimbo Smith sends The Squid and the Whale on Table Mountain

James “Jimbo” Smith conquers the “The Squid & The Whale”, a climb on Cape Town’s Table Mountain, graded at 31.

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Paige Claassen South Africa Presentation

Paige Claassen Presentations

Words and pictures from professional climber, Paige Claassen


Paige Claassen rock climbing South Africa

American girls crushing hard and Waterval Boven gets its first 34/8c

The visiting American girls (Paige Claassen and Sasha DiGiulian) have been ticking off Andrew Pedley’s open projects.

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Paige Claassen rock climbing South Africa

Paige Claassen bags the First Ascent of Digital Warfare (33 / 8b+ / 5.14-)

Paige Claassen has made the first ascent of the open project, “Digital Warfare”, weighing in at a solid 33/8b+/5.14-


Self timers are the shiz

Gobble Gobble

The following morning, on my walk to do an Eskom (think load shedding), I noticed there were only four Czechs. Now this is where the plot would thicken, if there was one.

Joe Möhle, unplugged, on Roulette, Table Mountain

Cape Classics by Adele McCann

Adele’s pocket-sized, ring-bound book, published in 1993, is a varied selection of trad routes in the Western Cape. To her great credit Adele climbed all of these routes – a not-insignificant achievement for any local.

Sasha Digiulian South Africa

Sasha DiGiulian Q&A

Sasha took some time out to answer a few questions in advance of her trip to South Africa:


Nursery Ravine Highline

Nursery Ravine Highline information

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Clinton Martinengo rock climbing, Montagu

Clinton Martinengo sends Mazawattee (35/8c+)

Clinton Martinengo is the third South African to climb the 8c+ grade with his send of Mazawattee.

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