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Security guards to patrol Lower Tonuqani area

Security guards to patrol Lower Tonuqani area

Starting from the end of May and during at least the whole of June (incl the 30 June weekend) the MCSA has contracted two security personnel to patrol the Northern end of the MCSA Tonquani , Boulder Kloof and Cederberg properties.


Arctic Expedition – Atlantic Crossed!

Stage 1 of our adventure is now complete. We have crossed the Atlantic and have reached Greenland.

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African Rapture

The beginning of the weekend, and the end of yet another gruelling week of labour and stress. For a select few, however, that statement could not have been more false.

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Updated: More photos – River works in Montagu

If you go down to the Steeple today, you’re in for a big surprise…


Helium Dreams 8c/34

When I first bolted and started working Helium Dreams at Umgeni Valley, it felt so impossible that I thought it would represent a huge jump in my strength.

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Jurgen Vogt. Mount Kenya, June 2012.

African Alpine Adventures Photo Competition

All the entries have been posted here. Thanks to all of the photographers for their fantastic photos


93rd July Camp 2012 – Cobham Valley, KZN

This year, July Camp offers another new Base Camp site! This time in the beautiful Cobham Valley, that most people only know, if at all, from crossing through it on the Giant’s Cup Trail which runs South from Sani to Bushman’s Neck.

First cruise on Dodo’s Delight

Quote of the day came from Andrew when he said, “we should turn before we hit the rocks”…

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Steve and Angie update

Steve has teamed up with three friends South Africa (Dave, Andrew, and Ningo) and Scottish sea captain Bob Shepton (aka Captain Bob). They’re taking a 7000km journey through the Arctic’s Northwest passages to do some big wall climbing on remote walls.


Silverminor - a new graglet below Silvermine Main Crag

Silverminor RD (New area at Silvermine Main Crag)

The long awaited RD for the new route at Silvermine main crag opened by Malcolm Gowans and Jason Temple-Forbes.