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Moon Flakes: IP. Pic: Jono Joseph

Of Teeth and Hunters – Progression in Motion

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs, but by how high he bounces when he hits bottom” General George S. Patton.

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The Next Generation

The Next Generation

The route became quite a mental battle as after a while both Dewald and myself would get to our personal crux move, fall and then be able to get through.

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lapcoiled ropes

Mammut ropes back in South Africa

Robert and Trish from MMO speak to us about their decision to bring Mammut ropes back to the South African climbing market.

Gosia Dream Street Rose

Gosia climbs Dream Street Rose

Gosia Lipinska climbs Dream Street Rose – grade 28. To date, the hardest trad lead by an SA woman.

The Chosfather (Colin Crabtree) at The Chosspile.

The Chosfather

I named the Chosfather in celebration of Gauteng’s oldest proper strong-man, Colin Crabtree, who has been ‘chossing-it’ since before there was even a damn at Harties.

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Adventure Film Challenge

Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge

Cape Union Mart invites local film-makers and outdoorsmen to contribute to the Cape Union Mart Adventure Film Challenge 2013.


Arctic Dreams Video

Arctic Dreams Video

In June 2012, four very excited South Africans and one grumpy Scottish sea dog set sail for the adventure of their lives.


Gosia Lipinska interview

Gosia Lipinska Interview

Gosia has made quite a name for herself over the recent years with hard sends and ascents of big walls.


Ed February

Ed February – Is this really mountaineering?

Ed February speaks about mountaineering in our modern day.


African Alpine Adventures Photo Competition winners

Winners of the African Alpine Adventures Photo Competition

The winners of the African Alpine Adventures Photographic Competition have been announced.